I never thought I’d ever have to write an ‘About Me’ paragraph for my very own website and look…here we are.

My name is Kelli Clifton, a 30 something-year-old that lives in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m mostly known for my Jo Malone addiction, beloved long-haired dachshund Grace and extravagant My Little Pony collection. I’ve had the most remarkable career in magazines as a Beauty Editor and contributed to over 100 issues of FAIRLADY Magazine, one of SA’s most well-known titles for the past nine years.

Images from my Instagram Feed

Ever since leaving the magazine world, I’ve been working closely with various brands to create content, establish and grow their social media presence and advise them on how to build a strong online presence. I do a lot of styling, freelance writing, run workshops and host talks about beauty.

The reason why I started this personal online space is mainly because of you, the reader, the one who’s continuously asked, “do you have a blog?”.

Now, I can finally say yes! This platform is purely dedicated to the things I consider interesting, separated into the following categories: Skincare, Makeup, Hair, Fragrance and Lifestyle (coming soon!).

I urge you to comment, share and engage with me. There’s nothing better than chatting about your favourite sunscreen, a brand-new fragrance launch or pocket-friendly mascara.

Happy reading!
Kelli x